This post was published at 06 May 2017

i3 window manager

A Tiling Window Manager is a window manager with an organization of the screen into mutually non-overlapping frames.
i3 don’t use a GUI.

  • Installing on Debian based OS:

    sudo -i
    apt-get update
    apt-get install i3
  • Configure bar attributes in :

    cat /etc/i3status.conf
  • Configurate i3 key-actions in /etc/i3/config:

    cat /etc/i3/config
  • To lock screen, we add this line in /etc/i3/config file:

    bindsym $MOD+SHIFT+x exec i3lock -c 000000 -i ~/.i3/images/file.png

    Where file.png is the background image.

You can download my configuration pack pressing here. Uncompress and copy files.
For images, create a ~/.i3/images directory and copy the files there.

There you can found my configuration files:

  • i3status.conf file copy to /etc/i3status.conf.

  • config file copy to /etc/i3/config

  • images directory, move to ~/.i3/images/.


You can visit this page to compliment a light Environment with i3 WM. Here is an example on my localhost, i3 using Vim, slurm, htop, ranger and alsamixer:


Commands shortcuts:

  $mod + Enter        Open terminal
  $mod + A            Focus to "parent"
  $mod + S            Set Stacked (Cascada)
  $mod + W            Set Tabbed
  $mod + E            Set default
  $mod + SpaceBar     Change focus tiling/floating
  $mod + D            dmenu
  $mod + H            Split Horizontal
  $mod + V            Split Vertical
  $mod + J            Foco izquierda
  $mod + K            Focus down
  $mod + L            Focus up
  $mod + ñ            Focus right
  $mod + Shift + Q    Close window
  $mod + Shift + E    Exit to i3
  $mod + Shift + C    Recarcar configuración sin reiniciar
  $mod + Shift + R    Restart i3bar
  $mod + Shift + J    Move window to left
  $mod + Shift + :    Move window to right
  $mod + Shift + K    Move window to down
  $mod + Shift + L    Move window to up
  $mod + Shift + SpaceBar   Change focus tiling/floating
  $mod + Shift + x    Lock Screen