This post was published at 19 Feb 2018

App Inventor

You should check from my app inventor tutorial here.

Change Package Name

  • First, you should know that the package name of the app created with AppInventor is like appinventor.ai_youremail.appname.

  • So, If we want change our appinventor.ai_felipe_moreno_v.rgobeApp package name to com.rolnomev.rgobe, we must follow this steps.

    • Download apkTool from this repository apktool for linux or follow the respective steps for others Operating Systems here.

    • Once download (I downloaded apktool_2.3.1.jar version), you can use it.

  • Then, Build your apk project from AppInventor. My apk is named rgobeApp.apk.

    • Then, I uncompress my apk file writing this:

      java -jar apktool_2.3.1.jar d rgobeApp.apk


      This command generates a file directory with name rgobeApp of our android project like:


    • Next, modify AndroidManifest.xml and other files in project, I used Gedit:


      Also, you must change files in /smali/appinventor/ai_felipe_moreno_v/rgobeApp/ (in this case).
      Modify in these file the regular text from Lappinventor/ai_felipe_moreno_v/rgobeApp/ to Lcom/rolnomev/rgobe in all files of that directory path.

  • Next, create directories path as your new package name like: /smali/com/rolnomev/rgobe.

  • Next, copy files from /smali/appinventor/ai_felipe_moreno_v/rgobeApp to new dir /smali/com/rolnomev/rgobe.

  • Once your finish to replace all coincidences, yo should to rebuild the apk, writing this:

     java -jar apktool_2.3.1.jar b rgobeApp


  • Now, you can install your apk in your mobile phone and enjoy your app with new package name.


  • You can upload your apk in google play with your new package name, instead the package name that appinventor gives you by default.

  • Maybe this method will be deprecated as time passes.