This post was published at 16 May 2017

GNOME Pomodoro

For this guide, I use my Fedora Workstation 25 Virtual Machine installed on my localhost using virt-manager, you can see how download and install pressing here.

  • This application is a time management tool, that uses the pomodoro technique. it intends to improve productivity and concentration by taking programmed breaks.
    Then, install:

    sudo dnf install gnome-shell-extension-pomodoro


Pomodoro technique have six steps:

  • Decide on the task to be done.
  • Set the pomodoro timer (usually is 25 minutes).
  • Work on the task until the timer rings.
  • After the rings, put a checkmark on a piece of paper (todo list e.g.).
  • If you have fewer than four checkmarks, take a short break (3–5 minutes), then go to step 2.
  • After four pomodoros, take a longer break (15–30 minutes), reset your checkmark count to zero, then go to step 1.

it can be used like TODO list.


Once installed, you’ll have this window:


If you press play, pomodoro starts by default with 25 minutes on timer.
Then you can access to modify preferences or breaks time, sounds, notifications pressing on pomodoro menu.


And you’ll see this configuration window:


Once the chronometer finished, shows a new timer: